Friday, January 27, 2012


Followlogie was awesome! I enjoyed assisting Annie Trudeau in class and trading tap steps with Adam and Mr Pedroza.

Lone Star Championships

Bravo, Lone Star team. I think this year, what I enjoyed most was playing in the late night band--an official jam session managed by Falty and Freddy of Seattle. Great idea!

Lindy Focus

Clearly the most important US camp (more than a weekend), for the time being, Lindy Focus continues to grow. Will Sweden continue to be the world's Mecca of Lindy Hop, twice a year? Or will Lindy Focus become the new tent post of Lindy, between Herrangs!? Only time will tell.


It was a blast, bumpin in Baltimore. Great music jam! Thanks Dorry and Sommer for having me.


I still can't get over the Catalina Swing Dance Festival. Location, location, location. An event on an island paradise, a place where you can actually travel back in time to the jazz age!? All live music. If this event doesn't double in size next year, something is wrong with the universe.

Atlanta Varsity Showdown

This was my first time at AVS, and I loved it! Great, super fun event.

Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown

I was proud to advance to the slow finals again! This time with Giselle Anguizola.

Swing Out New Hampshire

Another successful SONH