Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Wow, the Canadian Swing Championships, wow. WOW. What a beautiful event. Very fun, atmosphere, very elegant setting. Not what I was expecting. Not being much of a "party" person I was worried I might feel out of place, but that was not the case! There was something--some activity, some food, some atmosphere, some group of friends, some moment--there was something for everyone at CSC. It was also a pleasure, spending the preparatory week hanging in Montreal and working again with Dominique Blouin. I can't say I was surprised, because I've known Dee and the Montreal scene for a while now, and I know that quality and finesse are simply the way of things. BRAVO!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Edmonton, Canada, Yes Please!

I wasn't ready for the quality of this very rejuvenating trip. Great people, great music, very swingin. It was also the first full weekend for which Giselle Anguizola and I were hired as a partnership. There are many great things about Edmonton as a dance town. Firstly, the city itself has that perfect balance of opportunities and intimacy, much like Houston where I started dancing, that allow a swing community to simmer. Edmonton is not so small that the scene is mired in its own style and self importance, but not so big that dancers with special interests fracture into untenable sub-communities. Secondly, and amazingly, the live music was fantastic! This is such a stumbling block for medium sized swing scenes, because you don't just have to find jazz--you have to find SWING. Thirdly, there are local professional swing dancers working in Edmonton. It is EXTREMELY rare that any but the biggest dance Meccas can support local, full-time, jazz dancers. If it happens at all, it is usually a case where the dancers leave to work--as with Kevin StLaurent and Pittsburgh, but not so in Edmonton! Lastly, all the people, from the beginners to the pros, were lovely and had great attitudes as students. I'm sure this is the true secret to Edmonton's success. A special shout out to Reed and Sierra with whom Giselle and I stayed. That was a trip I won't soon forget! Thank you!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Swing Brother Swing 2011 was awesome!
Sylvia did it again!!
Got to see and dance with my friends in Italy!
Ryan and Jenny were here this year!
Great playing music, late night with Deebs!
Joel Plys, you're the man!
Dances were fun!
The contests were out of control!!