Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The International Lindy Hop Championships have concluded, and although I did not win prizes, I consider it one of my strongest appearances. Giselle and I presented the routine that we had prepared, I danced in the Solo Charleston finals, and we danced in the Champion's Strictly Lindy prelims. In the Champion's Strictly, in particular, after reviewing the contest footage, I absolutely believe in every moment of our dancing. That isn't to say that we can't improve. I am looking forward to the maturation of the style we are working on, and I'm hopeful that there will be room for it in the future of the Lindy community. Check out the Strictly contest on Youtube; I am wearing a brimmed hat: Song 1, Song 2

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saratoga Races

It's race season in Saratoga Springs, and that means that Chance Bushman and Giselle Anguizola are shredding carpet with Reggie's Red Hot Feet Warmers. It also means that I get to sub for them one weekend! I had a great time, as always, and enjoyed dancing with Dominique Blouin from Quebec City, Quebec. This year, in addition to dancing and tapping, I also played rhythm on two songs, while we waited to meet up with Peter Davis--the band's actual banjoist. What a thrill!

Monday, August 8, 2011


The Vanaver Caravan has completed their residency at PS21 - Public Space 21. The workshop classes were very well received, and the Saturday show was among the best I have participated in. We had several "heavy hitters" in the cast, including Joel Hannah, the Irish dancing star and former "Riverdance" cast-member. We also benefitted from decent technical resources, remarkable for a tent-type stage, with lighting specials and plenty of sound capabilities. We performed the "Earthbeat" program, which celebrates percussive dances from around the world. To find out more, click the Vanaver Caravan link in the right-hand column. Also, big thanks to Emily Vanston, my partner for the classes and in the swing performance piece! (The featured image is actually from the Caravan's residency at Jacob's Pillow; it is a photo of Fode Sissoko and myself.)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saint Louis Tap Festival

Saint Louis was great...mostly because I got to tap take class every day. Also I don't think I've ever performed in a show with so many celebrities. In addition to the greatest young tappers from around the country, including Dormisha Sumbry-Edwards, we had Cloris Leachman, Bill Irwin, Harold Cromer, and the one and only Arthur Duncan! I loved hanging out with the Saint Louis Lindy crew before and during the event. I hope it happens again and again!