Friday, June 1, 2012


Silvia knows how to throw a party!  Rain or shine, earthquake or no-earthquake!  I hope to be back in Italy soon.  Thank you to everyone involved.


Wow!  Great job revitalizing this event!  Attendance was up from two years ago--the last time I was able to go.  I enjoyed the students and competition entries and picked up some great steps from Chester Whitmore.  ALHC would make a great first contest for anyone living in the midwest who wants to "cut their teeth."  And in the future, it may again draw big-ticket competitors, as it is off to a great start in the windy city.

Swing FX at UPAC

My good friends Evita Arce and Michael Jagger, and Swing FX company members, and I presented several pieces at UPAC's Festival of Dance.  We performed new work by Michael and Evita, Ryan Francoise, and myself, and we shared the stage with fabulous New York City Ballet soloists.

Dance Flurry 2012

The Dance Flurry was the best in recent memory.  Giselle and I joined Peter Davis, and other band-leaders, in teaching vernacular jazz to hundreds of happy Flurriers. You should consider Flurry if:  You live in the North East; or if you are interested in other dance styles in addition to Swing, such as Contra, Salsa, Balkan; or if you like to dance and play traditional music.